Paying It Forward

Hello all,

I have felt blessed to be a part of DDPYOGA for over 12 years. As a team member, I have had the opportunity to share my weight loss journey and the joy of maintaining my healthy weight for more than decade with others seeking their own personal transformations.

DSCN06242In my blog, I will chat about my successes and failures, my ups and downs, my recipes, my nutritional discoveries and my feelings re: living a healthy lifestyle surrounded by others who often don’t. Hopefully, the sharing of my past experiences and lessons learned will be of some assistance to YOU in reaching your own goals and in successfully finding THE NEW YOU WHILE ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY AND BETTER HEALTH.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions or contact me for personal discussions if preferred.
This is the beauty of DDPYOGA as Dallas encourages all of his members to PAY IT FORWARD!!!! TO GIVE BACK WHAT YOU GOT FROM OTHERS WHO HAVE HELPED YOU ALONG YOUR OWN PERSONAL PATH TO SUCCESS. For me, paying it forward is another tool in my toolbox to keep me focused on my own nutrition and work out ethics:)) The best part of ” Paying It Forward” has led me to making wonderful friends such as the gorgeous Stacey Morris:))